Filmora 12 is a popular video editing software that provides users with a wide range of powerful features and tools to create stunning videos. However, it comes at a cost. In this blog post, we’ll explore various methods to obtain Filmora 12 for free. While it’s essential to respect copyright laws and support software developers, it’s also helpful to know about alternative options available for users who want to explore the software without committing to a purchase.

Disclaimer: Please note that using software without purchasing a license can be illegal and unethical. The purpose of this article is purely informative, and we strongly encourage users to respect intellectual property rights and consider supporting developers by purchasing legitimate software licenses.

Method 1: Free Trial

Filmora offers a free trial version of Filmora 12, which allows users to explore the software’s features for a limited time. To access the trial version, follow these steps:

Visit the official Filmora website (

Locate the “Download” button and click on it.

Choose the appropriate version for your operating system (Windows or macOS) and initiate the download.

Follow the below instruction to install the software.

Launch Filmora 12 and select the “Free Trial” option.

The free trial typically offers full access to all features but imposes limitations, such as watermarked videos or limited export options. This allows users to test the software’s capabilities before making a purchase.

Method 2: Educational Discounts or Student Versions

If you’re a student or affiliated with an educational institution, you may be eligible for discounted or free versions of Filmora 12. Check with your school or college to see if they have any educational programs or partnerships with software providers. These programs often provide access to software at reduced prices or even for free.

Method 3: Participate in Giveaways or Contests

Keep an eye out for online giveaways and contests that offer Filmora 12 as a prize. Many websites, YouTube channels, and social media accounts run such promotions to engage with their audience and reward participants. Participating in these events might give you a chance to win a legitimate copy of Filmora 12 without any legal or ethical concerns.

Method 4: Open-Source Alternatives

If obtaining Filmora 12 for free is not an option, you can explore open-source video editing software as an alternative. While these tools may not provide the same user interface or feature set as Filmora 12, they can be powerful options for video editing. Examples of open-source software include Shotcut, OpenShot, and DaVinci Resolve (free version).


While it’s tempting to find ways to acquire Filmora 12 for free, it’s important to respect the rights of software developers and acknowledge their efforts. The methods outlined in this article, such as using the free trial, exploring educational discounts, or participating in giveaways, offer legitimate ways to experience Filmora 12 without resorting to piracy or copyright infringement.

If obtaining Filmora 12 for free is not feasible, open-source alternatives can provide powerful video editing capabilities. Remember, supporting software developers by purchasing legitimate licenses ensures their continued work and allows them to improve and develop innovative features for future versions.

Always prioritize legal and ethical practices when it comes to software acquisition, and encourage others to do the same.

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