Have you ever faced the issue of “access is denied” while you are trying to boot your USB using RUFUS software? this may also show you The device is used by another process, Rufus.

Most of the time a message pop-up that “the device is in use by another process. Please close any other process that may access that may be accessing the device

There are no other better alternatives or different methods to go about this issue. So, you have to read this article keenly and carefully.

How to solve Rufus error:

Before getting into this I assume it’s just a structural failure. For the solution, you have to download RUFUS’s latest version of the software. When it comes to creating a bootable media I always recommend none but RUFUS.

RUFUS is very easy to use and it has a simple user interface that you can easily create a bootable meter in minutes

The device is in use by another process. Please close any other process that may be accessing the device.

In reality, write permission was denied to the disk. The ISO file and the office were placed in the same plane drive as the card you are trying to make with it.

Remove the iso file from the pen drive you want to write the ISO file to.

Make sure your drive is completely empty. Also, make sure it’s not a party in your ISO file or office itself.

Remember office is installed at runtime you may be tempted by the devil to place your office there.

Place the iso file or office file somewhere in your competence. Your local C drive precisely.

Avoid placing any of these files inside your pants right. Before you write that iso file to that disk, remember Rufus will prompt you that this device’s contents will be erased completely.  So, if you place your iso image in this drive, which ISO image will you be copying to that disk?

So, If you place this file in the same place don’t lose your data.

This is the most straightforward and easiest way of addressing the Rufus mistake [004864], the gadget is being used by another cycle please close any interaction that perhaps access the gadget. C: windowsexplorer.exe (r) this iso picture extraction disappointment is a consequence of denied admittance to that plate, so permitting admittance to the drive is the thing that this video will show you so you can make your bootable media effectively and stay away from and fix the Rufus blunder.

You can use the Rufus freeware tool to create a bootable USB device:

Steps you need to follow:

  • Download the tool to your Windows system  Create a smart bootable ISO using the
  •  Dell EMC Repository Manager (DRM) or download the appropriate ISO image to the server you want to update from this list of repositories
  •  Launch the tool
  •  USB Insert  device
  •  (Rufus will automatically choose if it is a USB device)
  •  Select the created or downloaded ISO file & # 40; Rufus will choose the appropriate settings & # 41;
  •  Partition screen = MBR
  •  File system = FAT32
  •  Cluster size = 1024
  •  Click  Start to create the media
  •  Restart the server and boot from the device you created

The first photo shows when the freeware launches. The second figure shows the selected bootable ISO file. Click Start to start the process

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